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Performance Analysis & Valuation*

 We look at ALL five core areas of a winery's performance providing a key metrics dashboard, summary assessment, and top-line strategic recommendations for improving performance.

*Valuations are provided upon request 

Production - COG Analysis, Production vs. Sales Evaluation, Winemaking SOPs
Finance - PL, Cashflow & Balance Sheet Analysis, Capital Asset Evaluation
Sales - Channel Assessment, Pricing/Programming Evaluation, Distribution Review 
Marketing - A&P Analysis, Brand Plan Review, Website & Social Media Analysis 
DTC - Club and Tasting Room Metrics Analysis, Club and TR Experiences Review 
Strategic Development & Implementation

We develop realistic strategies for the key areas of the winery that are underperforming.  This stage involves developing "actionable" plans that are aligned with a winery's financial, operational, staffing and cultural capabilities. Most importantly, we offer help implementing key strategic initiatives 

Focused on areas of the business that need a strategic change brought about in order to function at a higher level and improve overall performance
Extensive Report covering off strategic initiatives that are realistic and actionable based on winery's overall ability to implement
Sales and Financial Pro Formas that realistically validate revenue and profitability outcomes
Coaching, Training, Mentoring existing staff to help implement strategic initiatives


We're different than other "consulting"companies 

We take a stair stepped approach to researching, developing and executing realistic strategic plans 

Performance Analysis ~ Each engagement begins with a full assessment of the business: how it is functioning and performing
Strategic Development ~ Develop practical plans take into account a winery's financial, operational and staffing capabilities
Plan Execution ~ Ability to help action strategic plans vs. theory only approach
Outsource Management Services

With extensive hands on experience in all the core areas of a wine business, we offer the following services for hire:

CEO for hire - Help develop and implement core strategic initiatives throughout business
CFO for hire - Help develop higher level accounting/financial modeling, planning and reporting   
CMO for hire - Help develop and implement brand, digital and e-commerce strategies 
CSO for hire - Help develop and manage key sales initiatives in DTC, three tier and export 
CWO for hire - Help develop and oversee all winemaking processes that improves quality
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