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"Mark's extensive experience in leading wineries through the needed changes to become successful by adding value has been very evident.  I can't think of another person as qualified as Mark to take on a whole of business strategic development and plan execution that brings about positive change and financial results."

"Mark is a leader who embodies balancing the financial objectives of a business with the operational challenges and opportunities that present themselves everyday.  He is always looking out for what's best for an organization, as well as create a company culture that embraces collaboration, professionalism, diversity and positivity." 

"Mark clearly understands the vertical integration from farming, production, marketing, sales and finance in running a profitable winery.  He sees the shifting nature of channel management and knows how to implement key strategies without being trendy. Mark can assess and navigate big picture issues as well as day to day tactics to help wineries get to that next level in this highly competitive industry."

Mario Zepponi ~ President
Zepponi & Company
David Newlin ~ President 
Newlin & Associates
Jay Schuppert ~ Former CEO/President Cuviason Winery & Vineyards
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